About Court

The jurisdiction of the High Misdemeanour Court of the Republic of Croatia shall be prescribed by the provision of Article 26. Law on Courts (Official Gazette No. 28/13, 33/15, 82/15, 82/16, 67/18) 

- decides on the ordinary legal remedies against decisions of municipal courts in misdemeanour cases and decisions of public law bodies which lead the first instance misdemeanour procedure when prescribed by the special law, 
- settles the conflict of competences between municipal courts in misdemeanour cases,
- decides on extraordinary legal remedies against final misdemeanour decisions where this is required by the special law, 
- decides on appeals in cases of international judicial cooperation with Member States of the European Union from the competences of misdemeanour law, 
- exercising supervision over the orderly conduct of the affairs of judges who work on misdemeanour cases, 
- performs other tasks specified by law.

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