About Court

- decides in litigious and non-litigious matters when prescribed by a special law,
- acts in registry matters and keeps court registries,
- decides on proposals related to the formation, operation and termination of company,
- decides on proposals to open insolvency proceeding and carries out pre-bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings,
- decides on the entries in the Registry of ships and yachts in those matters which have been placed under their competence with the Maritime Code, limits the liability of the shipping owner, decides on objections against the final basis for the liquidation in cases of naval accidents, unless otherwise specified by law for a particular type of case,
- carries out the procedure for the recognition of foreign court decisions, as well as arbitration decisions in commercial disputes,
- ensures evidence for procedures that are otherwise in their competence,
- determines insurance actions in proceedings where they are otherwise competent,
- performs the tasks of international legal aid in taking of evidence in commercial matters,
- carries out other duties defined by law.