About e-Case

Public access to basic data on court cases or e-Case is a free-of-charge public service for parties, attorneys and other interested persons involved in court proceedings. The search by court and file number allows the visitor to be informed about the progress and dynamics of case resolution in both regular and appelate procedure. As the system refreshes case data on a daily basis, parties are given access to the current status of their case, and the courts are thus relieved of such queries and can devote more time to effective resolution of cases.

The data available to visitors through this browser comes from the Integrated Court Case Management System — e-Filing (e-Spis), an information system used by municipal, commercial, county, administrative courts, the High Criminal Court, the High Misdemeanour Court, the High Commercial Court, the High Administrative Court and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia. Land registry case files are not available in this database because they are kept in a separate system and can be followed at http://www.uredjenazemlja.hr/default.aspx?id=17.

Since the file number of a case may change (for procedural reasons), by entering any of the file numbers in the search field the visitor can view the entire course of the proceedings and all related file numbers. The database that visitors can search on these pages contains all cases underway or registered since 1 January 2010. Data on filed appeals and file referral to a higher court upon appeal are available in the system starting from  1 January 2013. Earlier appeals and files referred to a higher court upon appeal  prior to that date are not available. Data on misdemeanour cases are available for all cases resolved on or after 1 January 2021 or still underway. Data on administrative cases are available for all cases resolved on or after 1 July 2021 or still underway. For security reasons, juvenile criminal and misdemeanour cases, cases under investigation and war crimes cases as well as cases within the jurisdiction of USKOK cannot be found in this database.

The Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, as the highest body in charge of judicial administration, secures technical requirements for the above information systems. All recorded data fall within the jurisdiction of the courts conducting the proceedings. Comments and questions regarding the data presented should therefore be addressed to the competent courts. Contact details of the courts are available at https://sudovi.hr/en

At https://usluge.pravosudje.hr/komunikacija-sa-sudom/index_en.xhtml, parties to proceedings can gain access to more detailed information on their cases, along with the possibility of downloading documents available in electronic form.

To access the e-Case service (in Croatian only), click here.