Certificate of no ongoing misdemeanor proceedings

This certificate confirms that no misdemeanor proceedings are being conducted against a person before the municipal court for misdemeanors for which this is prescribed by a special law.

A certificate of no ongoing misdemeanor proceedings are being conducted can be issued:

  • in the municipal court.
Issuance of certificate in court

You can submit a request for issuing the certificate in person or, in case of your absence to do so, it can be submitted by another person to whom you have given the power of attorney, and whose signature must be certified by a public notary or Croatian embassy or consular office in the country where the person is located.

Certificates are issued by all municipal courts and their permanent services, regardless of your place of residence or seat.

Exceptions are the Municipal Civil Court in Zagreb, the Municipal Criminal Court in Zagreb, the Municipal Labor Court in Zagreb and the Municipal Court in Split, which do not issue certificates.

Addresses, contacts and working hours of courts are available on the website of the Ministry of Justice, Public Administration and Digital Transformation:
Municipal courts in the Republic of Croatia.

Required documentation

Issuing a certificate of no ongoing misdemeanor proceedings are being conducted requires:

  • filling out one copy of the Certificate Application Form  (Form No. 9a - you can download it in the section Forms)
  • attaching the power of attorney if the certificate is required for another person
  • presenting an identity card or a certified copy of the identity card of the person for whom the certificate is requested and the person who has been given a power of attorney
  • paying a court fee in the amount of 3,98 EUR / 30 HRK in tax stamps or enclose a confirmation of payment via internet banking, if not exempt from paying court fees.